Water Based Fire Systems

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Water Based Fire Systems

Fire Hydrant system

A well-designed wet riser/hydrant system is the backbone of fire protection systems for modern buildings and is mandated by the local Fire Brigade, insurance authorities and other regulatory bodies.

The Hydrant System of Fire Protection essentially consists of a large network of pipe, both underground and over ground which feeds water to a number of hydrants valves – indoor as well as outdoor and to a number of outdoor type fixed installations. Water in the pipe network is kept pressurized by hydro-pneumatic tank and jockey pump arrangement. These hydrant valves are located throughout the entire powerhouse and other buildings. Hosepipes of suitable lengths fitted with standard accessories like branch pipes, nozzles etc. are kept in “Hose Houses” (for outdoor hydrants) and in “Hose Boxes” (for indoor hydrants). When the fire hoses are coupled to the hydrant valves through the instantaneous coupling, jet of water is directed towards the fire.


We M/s. Sri Trinetra Engineers Pvt. Ltd. design an integrated Hydrant System as per TAC, NBC, Indian and NFPA Standards/ guideline. We consider capacity of fire pump, size and arrangement of pipes used for hydrant system, pressure at hydrant point against the available fire risk. Our designed Hydrant System is an arrangement of piping, valves, hose connection and allied equipment installed in building and structure with connection located in such a manner that water can be discharge in stream of spray patterns through attached hose and nozzle for the purpose not only extinguish the fire but at the same time save the occupants and contents of area in with better response time.